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When injured on the job, everyone looks to find the best workers compensation lawyer.** If you were injured in Rockland County or anywhere throughout New York, you should consider speaking with a workers compensation lawyer.  Additionally, if you are a New York resident injured outside of the state, you should be searching for the best workers compensation lawyer to represent you and your specific needs.  The truth is that there are a number of qualified firms, and Wugman & Wugman, P.C. is one of them.  A few critical items separate the adequate firms from the excellent ones:

  1. Does the law firm have an in-depth knowledge of the workers compensation law? Do the attorneys you are considering focus their practice solely on Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability?
  2. Does the law firm have a thorough understanding of how the insurance company’s lawyer is going to calculate the value of your worker’s compensation case? Does the attorney have experience working for a firm that defended insurance companies and know how they plan and implement their defense?
  3. Do they have the knowledge and ability to work within the system to protect your rights; while ensuring you are properly compensated for lost wages, the loss of future wages and the possibility of a permanent disability?
  4. Do the attorneys have the necessary experience and skill to negotiate the outcome that serves you best?

Click here to discover the 10 keys to finding the best workers compensation lawyer for your specific needs.

Wugman & Wugman, P.C. is located in New City in the heart of Rockland County, NY.  They are worker’s compensation lawyers who strictly focus on worker’s compensation and social security disability issues.   Dan Wugman has been actively practicing in these areas since 2002. He spent the first seven years working for the insurance companies and defending claims. Since that time, he has represented claimants, knowing exactly how the insurance companies approach every angle of the case.  Michael Wugman has been practicing law since 2006.  Their knowledge and experience give them an advantage as they prepare every case as if they were an insurance company. Once they complete the defense’s preparation, they systematically dismantle it in a manner that helps maximize the benefits in accordance with the individual goals and needs of their clients.  By leaving no stone unturned and preparing the case from both the injured workers and the insurance company’s vantage, they deliver a superior level of service that few firms can come close to matching.  Wugman & Wugman, P.C. also provide services to Westchester and Orange Counties as well as New York City.

What is worker’s compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that provides monetary benefits and/or medical care for workers who were injured or become ill as a direct result of their job. Click here for more information…

If you have been injured on the job in Rockland County or anywhere in NY, it is important to speak to workers compensation lawyers like Wugman & Wugman, P.C.

First and foremost, you should seek immediate medical attention.   Next, you must inform your employer that you were injured and complete all necessary documentation.  Finally, you should speak with a lawyer whose practice is focused on workers compensation.  Click here to read more information on what to do if you have been injured on the job.

Wugman Workers Compensation Lawyers in New City Ny Rockland County

Need a workers compensation Lawyer? Wugman & Wugman, P.C., provide premier service in Rockland County and throughout New York

What are the most common Workers Compensation injuries handled by Wugman & Wugman, P.C.?

The top injuries handled by Wugman & Wugman, P.C. are:

  1. Slipping/tripping
  2. Repetitive motion injuries
  3. Overexertion
  4. Vehicle accidents

For a complete description the top ten workplace injuries, click here.

Working with a worker’s compensation lawyer from Wugman & Wugman, P.C. will protect your rights.

The lawyers that represent insurance companies in workers compensation cases are retained for one reason – to minimize the payouts on workers compensation claims.  Why else would insurance companies pay these law firms so much money?  Often, injured workers are made to feel as if they have done something wrong since they want to be compensated for the workplace injury, conditions or long-term condition such as hearing loss.  If the injury was caused or magnified by the workplace environment, you very well may be entitled to benefits.  Injured workers may be required to be examined by doctors that are paid by the insurance companies.  Many of our clients complain that the doctor was merely putting a rubber stamp on what the insurance company’s desire.  If you hire Wugman & Wugman, P.C. to represent you in your workers compensation case, they will ensure that you are seen by a doctor that will take the time to do an in-depth analysis of your condition.  Wugman & Wugman, P.C. will use this analysis to counter the insurance company’s doctor’s reports.  If the insurance company arbitrarily reduces your benefits (happens more often than you would like to believe), Wugman & Wugman, P.C. will fight to ensure your benefits are maximized.  In the vast majority of cases, we can either stop or minimize the reduction.  Wugman & Wugman, P.C. will follow your case from start to finish to ensure that you receive all benefits you are entitled to as well protecting your benefits from being unfairly manipulated or reduced.

What type of benefits does worker’s compensation provide?

An injured worker may be entitled to monetary benefits for lost wages; future lost wages or the possibility of a permanent disability. Click here to read more…

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